Collection: Opulence Collection

Our Opulence Collection was meticulously formulated for all skin types. Whether oily, dry, normal, blemish prone, or problematic skin. Every product is gentle and effective for targeting specific skin issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, and dehydrated skin. Each supports the skin barrier and hydration while protecting it. 

You can use each product on its own or along with the whole collection as they complement each other well.

The entire collection is excellent for oily skin types especially. 

At Grassland Beauty we utilize herbal remedies combined with nourishing healing plant oils, and grass fed tallow. We also make water based formulations with effective actives suitable for sensitive skin types.

We carefully select specific oils in our skincare because of the superior fatty acid profiles they contain. All proven to be supportive and healing to the skin barrier.

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Always Transparency

We freely share information about what ingredients we use and why. We believe in having a rational approach to skincare using both natural and synthetic components that are proven to be effective for the skin barrier.