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Is Purifying Tallow Necessary? – Grassland Beauty).


Thats our process! We also do not disclose the Ranch where we source our tallow. This is to protect our rancher from harassment. We only source our beef fat from one cattle ranch here in Arizona. The cows are raised on over 400 acres and eating native grasses throughout the year. They are raised ethically and sustainably.

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Grassland Beauty is committed to using the purest and highest quality ingredients. Having first hand experience working with herbs, botanicals, actives and remedies utilized in the formulating we do. We source most ingredients locally and always support small businesses.

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Learn right along side us about what we are studying and reading about. Our blog covers everything from skincare, diet, lifestyles, natural living, myths and truths. In many of our blogs we pour through scientific studies to try and understand not only the skin barrier but what ingredients are and how they affect the skin.

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Nourish your skin and bring healing to your skin barrier with our nourishing and healing products.

Each product is gentle, effective and thoughtfully crafted for all skin types.

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Skincare plays a pivotal role in our daily routines, shaping how our skin reciprocates its care. Explore our extensive array of skin-healing formulations, meticulously crafted to nurture your skin's well-being.
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