Herbal wisdom for your skin

At our core, we are believers of harnessing the power of combining herbal remedies and more complex formulations to rejuvenate and nurture our skin. Our unwavering commitment lies in the meticulous formulation and creation of products infused with nature's bounty. Our love for the beauty around us in nature is what inspires our products and drives the heart of our desires. Additionally, we hold dear our responsibility to bolster fellow small businesses through conscientious sourcing practices.

Our passion revolves around empowering women to embrace their inherent beauty, without concealment but with thoughtful enhancement and support of its natural functions. Through the utilization of herbs which we grow and make our extracts in house we can produce and effective product. With an extensive knowledge of herbal remedies, we craft enduring, products designed to infuse healing and simplicity into your skincare and beauty regimen. We firmly assert that skincare need not be intricate.

Our methods seamlessly combine the healing attributes of animal fats and whole plant infusions, catering precisely to your skin's needs. We use effective safe synthetics to take products to the next level. Our formulations are firmly grounded with evidence and safety data backing their benefits, yielding refined simple emulsions. We fervently follow this as the most genuine approach to skin nourishment and care.

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Learn how to dry render tallow and other valuable skills!

Rendering Guide

Pioneers in tallow research

We humbly think of ourselves as pioneers in tallow based lab testing research. We are one of the first businesses to have our rendered tallow tested and compared to a purified tallow in an official nutritional lab and made public. We've had the fatty acid profiles analyzed to determine if our rendering methods are the best in providing the highest quality, and nutrient dense tallow. We are currently having our vitamins and nutrients analyzed. Using this professional lab backed evidence we can confidently say what exactly our tallow is providing to our customers.

We prioritize tallow in our formulations, as well as herbal extracts, infusions and resins.

Our commitment extends to utilizing natural infusions comprising fresh, beneficial herbs, resins, oils, and fats. We also utilize safe synthetic ingredients creating beautiful light airy creamy emulsions suitable for all skin types.

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Skin barrier support for all skin types

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