Collection: Soap

Our soaps are handmade and made with our very own hand rendered tallow, and a few other special ingredients such as Lard and Shea butter. We have a range from more masculine, to more feminine and for sensitive skin. 
**We use organic Expeller pressed canola oil in our soaps at 2%-5% solely to bring up the linoleic values which contribute to a silky-smooth bar.
We offer several options for our soaps because we like a little variety. These include soaps with fragrance oils and mica's or soaps with essential oils and natural colorants. We are an all-natural based company when it comes to our skincare products, but when it comes to our soap creations, we love having a little wiggle room. Our fragrances are phalate-free always.
If you have very sensitive skin, then we recommend you only use an unscented plain bar of soap. 
***A tip*** the majority of our soaps are more moisturizing, we rarely use coconut oil or palm, but we do have a few with those ingredients in our line. If you want a more cleansing soap that would be less moisturizing, look for those ingredients.
Check back often for new soaps
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