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Rosemary & Hibiscus hair oil

Rosemary & Hibiscus hair oil

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This amazing hair oil contains ingredients that nourishes hair and protects it. This oil contains Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic cold pressed jojoba oil, Organic Castor Oil, and Vitamin E Oil. We combined a long infusion method with natural dried rosemary and hibiscus flowers which have natural oils that are healing for damaged hair. This oil goes through a long slow cold infusion and then a gentle heat infusion, this method is to extract all the benefits of the herbs right into the oil. This doesn't contain essential oils only rosemary and hibiscus. Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil are wonderful at moisturizing and helping with split ends and damaged hair.

Hibiscus naturally contains flavonoids, antioxidants, and amino acids which can help strengthen, restore and heal damaged hair. It has widely been used in India for hair treatments. 

Rosemary has been used as a remedy for hair loss because it contains carnosic acid which can help with nerve damage including on the scalp and hair follicles. It is anti-inflammatory and extremely effective when used on the scalp to help increase circulation.

Castor Oil is high in ricinoleic acid and vitamin E. Both amazing for helping with dandruff and helping maintain the ph levels of the scalp. Castor oil is high in omega 6s, and 9 fatty acids and contribute to its humectant properties which keep the moisture sealed in. 

We've also added a touch of vitamin E oil to make this a potent amazing oil for damaged hair. 

We recommend using this on slightly wet hair either wet with water or with a hydrosol. It will help the oil absorb better.

How to use option 1: To use for a light hair moisturizer and flyaway control start with just a few drops and work into your hair starting with the bottom and work you way up to your scalp. Less is more so start with only several drops and build on that. If too much is used you may have extra oiliness. 

2nd option: Use this oil as a deep oil treatment 1-2 a week before you wash your hair. drop a good amount in your palms and work into your hair starting with your scalp. Work it all the way down to your ends until your hair is completely covered with the oil. Let sit for as long as you like and wash out as normal. You may need to wash a second time if you still feel the oil is in your hair. 

Ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Cold pressed Jojoba Oil, Organic Castor Oil, Salivia Rosmarinus (rosemary leaf), Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis (hibiscus flowers), Vitamin E Oil

*These statements are not evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. We do not claim or guarantee that our products can cure, treat, or heal any disease or wont cause irritation. We are not responsible if irritation occurs.

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Love it

This oil smells so nice and I haven’t been consistent with a hair oiling routine so time will tell the results - been shampooing my hair less and using my own olive/castor oil on occasion, and people keep telling me that my hair looks so long and nice. I do feel it is slowly getting healthier with less washing and more oiling. Love that this product comes in a travel sized bottle!

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