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Purifying Resin Serum For Acne Prone Skin

Purifying Resin Serum For Acne Prone Skin

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 Introducing our powerhouse oil-based serum the Purifying Resin Serum, meticulously crafted with a blend of fats, resins, and herbs, ensuring a comprehensive infusion of their benefits. Frankincense and Myrrh, harnessed through a dual extraction method, infuses this serum with their boswellic acid-rich resins, making it a truly holistic infusion.

Designed specifically for acne-prone or breakout-prone skin, this serum offers nourishment without the risk of exacerbating skin issues. Notable ingredients include:

  • Squalane Oil: it soothes and enhances skin texture.
  • Jojoba Oil: Moisturizes without heaviness, complementing the herb infusion.
  • Frankincense Resin: Strengthens skin, aids elasticity, and combats acne-causing bacteria.
  • Myrrh Resin: Astringent, moisture-sealing, and anti-inflammatory.
  • White Willow Bark: Contains natural salicylic acid and balances sebum production.
  • Meadowsweet Herb and Horsetail Plant: Rich in anti-inflammatory compounds.
  • Calendula: Encourages cell repair, soothes, and counters oxidative stress.
  • Chamomile: Calms irritated skin and aids in pore clearance.
  • Buriti Berry Oil: Packed with vitamins and fatty acids, adding a touch of moisture.
  • Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil: Ideal for acne-prone skin, balances oil production.
  • Ghee: Provides a subtle layer of moisture.

This distinctive, all-natural serum is specially recommended for those with acne-prone skin.

How to use it?

***The ghee will settle on the bottom, so shake well before every use to disperse the ghee evenly and to mix any separation. Test a few drops for any irritation. Frankincense can be irritating to certain skin types. ***

We recommend using this on a clean wet face every morning or night. We formulated this to be slightly astringent but nondrying. We recommend starting with a few drops, then slowly work it throughout your wet face, which the serum helps lock in the water.

Our favorite way to use this is to start with one of our hydrosols on a clean face. Spray liberally until the face is fairly damp. Then use a few drops of the Purifying Resin serum and rub into the wet face and it will help to disperse the serum evenly and add more moisture. Then Spray again with a hydrosol and let dry. 

Ingredients: Squalane Oil, Jojoba Oil, Frankincense Resin, Myrrh Resin, White Willow Bark, Meadowsweet Herb, Calendula, Chamomile, Horsetail Herb, Rosemary, Buriti Oil, Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, Organic grade grassfed Ghee.

Size 1 Ounce in recyclable glass jars.

*These statements are not evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. We do not claim or guarantee that our products can cure, treat, or heal any disease or wont cause irritation. We are not responsible if irritation occurs.


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Customer Reviews

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Megan Borbon
Acne eraser

This serum is a miracle. The first time I use it after a break, it pulls all the gunk to the surface (acne comes to a head). Then it treats my acne on the following applications and prevents it from coming back. It really does what it says it does. As a happy bonus, it got rid of my rosacea rash that looks like pimples. It hadn’t returned in months. I no longer have to use an antibiotic cream!

My nightly routine

I've always been a skincare minimalist and this serum does everything I want! I'm on my third bottle and I can tell my skin texture and moisture balance has improved. While I do not have acne prone skin, I am 35 and using it more for wrinkle prevention. I use in combo with Grassland's Hydrosols and massage into my skin and neck. My husband also uses this and we both love it! Thank you for making an effective and clean product.

Sam Taylor
Serum of Wonder

I had an extremely difficult pregnancy. In hindsight, I should have recognized my baby was not healthy due to my sickness and symptoms, which included facial and cystic back acne. At 23.5 weeks, my husband and I lost our daughter to Trisomy 18, and my acne remained, which I was extremely guilty of picking to combat my grief and stress. However, as I recognized that I must not punish myself for loosing my baby, I purchased this serum to use immediately. With only several uses, my acne lessened, decreased in redness, and faded in appearance, and I was at the point of considering laser or a vampire facial to combat the self-inflicted scars. Thank you so much, Jen, for creating products from the heart. Every single serum or moisturizer I have tried works wonders. Do not hesitate to purchase from Grassland Beauty. Your skin will thank you 💜


BEST PRODUCTS ON THE MARKET. Superior quality, great price, highly recommended. I can testify to this statement. I have tried way too many products to help heal my face from some of the worst hormonal acne I’ve ever seen, deep scarring, reoccurring blemishes, and overall unhappy skin. After using Grassland Beauty products for about a month my skin has never felt and looked so healthy! Blemishes that come, heal quickly and without major inflammation. I currently use the Purifying Resin Serum, Aloe Hydrosol, Gold Cream or Healing Salve.
What makes this company even more of a blessing is the transparency from the Owner, Jen. She has been very helpful in many ways when coming to skin care with her holistic mindset. Her knowledge and advice is honest and true and her morals are trustworthy. Thank you Grassland Beauty for what you do for others by educating and providing top notch products. God Bless!

Kriston Grenchik
Great product

I've been using this product for almost 2 weeks now and I'm loving it! Love the scent and my acne has improved with no new breakouts!

Our leave on products and our soaps

We choose to utilize what is minimally processed for our leave on skin products. We also thoughtfuly curate our formulas to provide the most benefits directly to the skin barrier. This means we do not ever use fragrance oils or essential oils in our leave on products. We do love to use them in our soap products. Check them out here: Soaps