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Lavender & Moringa Hydrosol

Lavender & Moringa Hydrosol

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Our Hydrosols are made through steam distillation of raw plant materials. We do this right in our own home without any fancy machinery and in small batches. Our method is a combination of using stainless steel and copper to produce a well-rounded scent, this allows us to make a potent hydrosol with all the benefits of the whole plant. We like using every part of the plant and not only certain parts like with essential oils. This hydrosol contains all the water-soluble plant constituents and small amounts of the plant oil constituents. It is fragrant but not too strong.

Hydrosols are a must have addition to your skin care routine. This one contains Lavender and Moringa which are astringent and high in vitamin C. If you struggle with oiliness or frequent breakouts, then this is the one we would recommend. Lavender is naturally astringent and cleansing but this will not dry you out, in fact quite the opposite, this will leave your face feeling clean yet moisturized.

Moringa has been a longtime favorite for herbalist especially in India and Ayurvedic practices. Every part of the tree is edible. High in Vitamins A, C, and E. Its composition of fatty acids which contain amino acids and oleic acids can help seal in moisture. 

How to use: You can incorporate this into your skin routine by spritzing liberally onto a clean face and then using your favorite moisturizer or serum and rubbing it into the wet skin (This is our favorite way to use it). By rubbing your moisturizer (we like using our illuminating salve) onto the hydrosol you help seal in the natural oils from the hydrosol into your skin which help it penetrate more deeply. Then finish it off by spraying once more and letting it completely dry without rubbing it off. Then finishing off with A natural sunblock or we love doing a thin layer of our lavender tallow stick to seal everything in. 

Second way to use it is by the spraying your face when you need a refresher and letting it dry. This can also be used as a toner, you can spray it onto a cotton ball and massage into your face. You can also spray it directly onto your scalp as well and soothe any scalp irritations. 

These are available in 2 oz recyclable glass spray bottles. These are limited in quantity because we mainly use our own fresh plants to make these. We strive to always have them available for you, but we are dependent on the season and how nature is going to behave.

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Customer Reviews

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Best product I never knew I needed

I had 0 clue what a hydrosol was before I decided to throw this in my order. I'm so glad I did! A few sprays of this out of the shower and right before putting on my gold cream or illuminating salve, makes the tallow just glide on and smooth in so nicely. I'd definitely recommend a hydrosol with any tallow product!


OKAYYY, girlies- trying to be non-toxic and don't want to stink. This stuff right here is the absolute best. I also love using this stuff on my face in the summer as a moisturizer.

Our leave on products and our soaps

We choose to utilize what is minimally processed for our leave on skin products. We also thoughtfuly curate our formulas to provide the most benefits directly to the skin barrier. This means we do not ever use fragrance oils or essential oils in our leave on products. We do love to use them in our soap products. Check them out here: Soaps